Taking Alcatraz

by Field Report

I’m always interested in what other people are listening to. 

This has been in my rotation for awhile & continues to yield more thoughts, more passion, & more meaning with every listen. 

This is a record you LISTEN to.

This record will stay with you. 

Its melodies will be hummed all day. Its soundscapes will haunt your hearing in the real world. Its lyrics will make you pursue your dreams, rethink old loves, rekindle newer loves, and make any road trip you decide upon, to define your journey. 

The intricate guitar work that layers most of the songs plays brilliantly with finger-stylings & good ol’ fashioned chord strumming. 

As each song builds and crescendos the entire band swells as a full rogue wave out at sea, and then disperses upon the rocks in a diverse array of counter melodies & an almost familiar recess back to the confines of the song structures. 

In “Alcatraz” you will learn to respect the revolution. Or to watch and listen for the revolution. Or join the revolution. 

And you will learn that it does not matter, just as long as you have a choice. 

"When you coming home?" 

- As soon as you get this record. 

"I am still your man"

- mostly because you finally got to listen to the best album of 2012.

GET THIS ALBUM. It is one of those great listens that can go on a midnight highway in Iowa with blinking wind turbines, to headphones on a boat at sea, to a surround system at dusk in a metropolitan city that speaks the same language as you.. or a language that was derived from Latin. 

This record lends itself to most occasions, actually. 

So listen often, and LISTEN. 

Just listen to it.


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